Sacks Homes are property investment and management experts who make investing, owning and letting property both stress-free and profitable. We are a company that provides impeccable property services with great intentions. Whether you are looking for the best way to invest, management of existing property or the creation of wealth, we can provide whatever service any investor could need.

Property Management

As a landlord you can be presented with a number of challenges, usually at the most unexpected of times. At Sacks Homes we offer you that valuable...

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Property Development

Investing in a property to rent can be tricky, and one of the best ways to make a profitable investment is to purchase something that is below market value.

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Property Investment

We know that every property investment is different. Whatever your reasons for investing we can help you to ....

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When you choose to invest in property, you do so in the hope of being better off.

Developing the right kind of portfolio can be a fine art and so Sacks Homes are here to help. Our team of experts have a vast knowledge of the property market that makes them ideally placed to source the perfect property for you. With full due diligence and a bespoke investment plan, we can put you on the right path to create a healthy income and build your wealth.

Property Development

Often, when investing in property, a ready-made home is not always the best option. As these homes are usually at the top of their market value, it can minimise the profit available to you. Buying a property that needs a little work, or starting from scratch can be a better way to make money, and so Sacks Homes offers a full range of property refurbishment and development services.

Using qualified tradesmen, we can build or renovate homes to the highest standards. Whether your property requires refurbishment, extension or full construction we can apply our expertise and make use of our team of builders to give your property the perfect over-haul to make it more appealing to tenants and buyers to increase your potential returns.

Property Managment

When letting your property, a whole new range of headaches can appear. We can take these all away by bridging the gap between landlord and tenant. We look after properties and maintain a happy working relationship between both parties by maintaining good levels of communication.

By taking the stress away from the landlord and the tenant, you can both happily get on with your lives, leaving us to look after the property. Our property management services not only include portfolio management, but also everything from finding tenants, maintenance repairs and any domestic work so that you can have the ultimate peace of mind.