Sacks Homes is a leader in the field of property solutions thanks to their vast experience and dedication to their customers.

The company was set up to make the lives of property investors easier. With our help you can make the right investment, make it into the property you want and manage it effectively, all with minimal stress and work for you.

Our expertise means that nothing will be left to chance when it comes to finding and managing the perfect investment property for you.

Property Services

One of the things that sets us apart from the competition, is the fact that we cover such a vast range of property services. We understand that no-one becomes a landlord for the fun of it. A property investment is something that should make you money which is why we offer the Build Wealth Through Property scheme. This scheme is designed to help our clients build up a portfolio of properties that increase their earning potential.

We eliminate the need for multiple companies, which can cause confusion and delay. By offering everything you need, we make the lives of landlords much easier.

When you invest in a property, it may not be ready for your tenants, and so we at Sacks Homes offer property development and renovation services to bring your property up to scratch. Our carefully selected team of tradesmen can take care of all the necessary building and refurbishment work that you will need to get your property ready for rent or sale.

Once a tenant is found, we will take on the responsibility of looking after your property by keeping up good communication with your renters. By dealing with problems as they occur, keeping the property in a good state and maintaining a good relationship with both sides, you can enjoy a stress-free investment.

Property Experts

By dealing with Sacks Homes, you will deal with a team who are experienced in all forms of property investment, development and management. The experience of our staff means that you will always be able to deal with an expert in whatever sector of the property market you need help with.

Our dedicated team strive to bring all of our clients the very best service by putting their needs first at all times. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business and we will work hard to go above and beyond to ensure that your investment works for you from the fist moment to the last.

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