CWTP Scheme


Everyone has their own reasons for investing in property, but all of them involve making money in some form or other. At Sacks Homes we have put together a scheme that will help every property investor we work with to do just that.

Wealth Through Property

Whether you become a buy-to-let landlord for the monthly income, a new career, an alternative to a pension or a saving scheme for your children, you do so with wealth in mind. Our Build Wealth Through Property scheme has been put together to help our clients build up a portfolio of profitable property.

To increase your portfolio, you need to invest wisely, and that is where our team can help. We have a network of estate agents, receivers and auctioneers that will help to find you the ideal investment properties.

We do all the ground work and find properties that are below market value to increase your earning potential. We research the location and market area that you are looking to invest in, and produce detailed due diligence to help you in your decision. Once the perfect property has been identified, we can help you to purchase it, even bidding at auction for you if required.

Our financial team will then work with you to create a plan that will make your investment work for you. By looking at what expenses you will have, who you are marketing to and what the earning potential of the property is, we can help you to find the best way to maximise the profit you get out of it.