Property Management


As a landlord you can be presented with a number of challenges, usually at the most unexpected of times. At Sacks Homes we offer you that valuable peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of. From finding tenants and managing their needs to keeping your property in good order, we ensure your investment is taken care of at all times.


To be a successful landlord, you need tenants. Finding anyone to rent your property is easy, finding a good, reliable tenant is more specialised. We can help you to find the best possible tenant and organise the lease to make the transition as smooth as possible.

When you rent out a property it is important to ensure that your tenants are kept happy. We make sure that good lines of communication are open at all times to ensure that there is a happy working relationship for everyone. Our team will bridge the gap between tenant and landlord to ensure their needs are met.

Property Maintenance

Whether something breaks, leaks or grinds to a halt, we can be there to help. We have a team of qualified tradesmen who can tackle all jobs around the home, meaning you do not have the stress of organising assessments or repairs should something go wrong.

We make sure you property is always looking its best whilst your tenants live there and after they depart. Our specialist team can be on hand to maintain the property throughout the tenancy as well as getting it back to its very best condition when your tenants leave.

By making sure your tenants are living a stress and worry free environment, we can ensure that you are too. We take on the hard work to make sure that your investment works for you, not against you.